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UNbrush®  - Lagoon Teal gently yet thoroughly extracts knots and tangles from even the most unruly hair, painlessly and effortlessly. Featuring the perfect blend of 105 dual length bristles, combined with an ultralight high performance handle, UNbrush® helps reduce styling time and prevents hair from catching. Great for wet or dry hair.

Detangling Hair Brush

    • Hair Condition: You can use the UNbrush® on both wet and dry hair, depending on your preference and needs.
    • Brush Process:  For best detangling results, hold the UNbrush®  horizontally and brush hair from the bottom of the strand and work your way up to the root.
    • Repeat as Needed: Continue this process throughout your hair, section by section, until you've detangled all the desired areas.
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