Are you ready to build a better relationship with your hair? Are you tired of trial and error? Do you want long lasting styles with predictable results?  Do you want to learn what products and techniques are best for your hair specifically?  Are you open minded and ready to invest your time and attention into achieving and maintaining the most hydrated and healthy natural  hair you've always desired? If you can answer yes to these questions... You Are Ready To Partner With Our Curl Specialist. You deserve well behaved hair that allows you to look as good on the outside as you feel on the inside! All new clients must book a new client service.


  Curl Recovery 

A cleanse + detox


define+shape/curly cut


Curl Discovery 

A customized hydration plan+

product profile card+

3 step cleanse+


define shape 

aka curly cut



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Teach a Girl to Curl

A hands on curl experience+

customized hydration plan+

product profile card+

curly cut 



Silk Kit

A cleanse+




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Silk Session

Hair is thoroughly cleaned of build up using clarifying shampoo. shampooed with moisturizing shampoo followed by conditioning using hydrating and/or strengthening...



Curl Session

hydrate and define + shape/curly cut



Select this service if its been 90 days since your last appointment. 

Hydrate and Define

Naturalcurl set


Select this appointment if it's been a month or less since your last defining service. 

Alternative Styling 


GIve you and your hair a break from manipulation with an alternative style. This is a low manipulation, maximum moisture retaining style.

Flexi rod or

Perm rod set)


Hair is shampooed and conditioned. Natural hair is set on flexi rod/ perm rods to achieve...

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New Client Services


Aquatic Hydration Therapy


Intense hydration for your hair. Hair is hydrated using aquatic mist paired with hydration mask to suite hair's individual needs  for up to 20 minutes. This is a  hydration service only. Client must book this service with a style.

Olaplex 2 Step Treatment


. OLAPLEX is a patented treatment that restores broken disulfide bonds strengthening Hair and improving DEHYDRATED, OVER..

Olaplex Express Treatment


This treatment uses only no. 2 to strengthen hair for an express Olaplex treatment! Hair is cleansed, Olaplex no.2 is applied for 15 minutes...